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moneytogrow-deactivated20120316 @ 3 years ago

So for a while now, McDonald’s has been doing their whole Monopoly game. Unfortunately, this year we (Tin and I) were hooked in. We were in downtown Los Angeles and needed to grab a bite to eat before attending a concert, lo and behold, there was a McDonald’s nearby. Neither of us had eaten at McD’s for…at least a year. It just so happened that Monopoly had just started, and we’re sucker for contests. So we’ve compiled a small stack of the same Monopoly pieces.

After a while, we noticed that the pieces were the same repeats and realized that we weren’t any closer to winning any of the prizes. The way the game is structured makes people believe that they actually have a better chance at winning than they actually do. The reason is because they make one piece out of every color extremely rare, but most people don’t notice that. Another complaint is that they’re not consistent with their game pieces! We’ve experienced multiple occasions where there were missing pieces on specified food orders, and the employees aren’t always nice about this either.

Rare McDonald’s Monopoly Game Pieces

If you’re able to get your hands on any of these pieces, well then, you’re as good as golden:

Which McDonald’s Monopoly Sweepstakes Codes Are Rare in 2011?

Here is the list of rare McDonald’s Monopoly game pieces for 2011, along with the prizes you could win:

  • Mediterranean Avenue (Brown): coupled with Baltic Avenue wins $50.
  • Vermont Avenue (Light Blue): combined with Oriental Avenue and Connecticut Avenue wins $100.
  • Virginia Avenue (Pink): goes with St. Charles Place and States Avenue to win $200.
  • Tennessee Avenue (Orange): goes along with St. James Place and New York Avenue wins a Beaches Resorts Luxury Included Family Vacation valued at $7,500.
  • Kentucky Avenue (Red): goes with Indiana Avenue and Illinois Avenue for a whopping $50,000.
  • Short Line (RR): teamed with Reading Railroad, Pennsylvania Railroad, B&O Railroad wins an EA Sports fan trip worth $7,000.
  • Ventnor Avenue (Yellow): combined with Marvin Gardens and Atlantic Avenue nets you $100,000.
  • Pennsylvania Avenue (Green): goes with Pacific Avenue and N. Carolina Avenue to win a SL MY 12 Nissan LEAF that comes with a charger and home installation, total value comes in at $40,000.
  • Boardwalk (Blue): coupled with Park Place gets the grand prize of $1 million!

We literally have stacks of every piece that isn’t the rare piece, and all we got were two McFlurries, two breakfast sandwiches and a few spare tires for our troubles. Good thing this thing ends on November 5th. Man, this post makes me sad.

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